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David Jones brings more than 30 years of achieving operational excellence to EnableComp in his role as President & CEO of EnableComp. Prior to joining the company in 2010, he founded and led The David Jones Group which worked with companies and leaders to think bigger, perform better and execute faster. In addition to his consulting practice, his experience includes 30 years of Human Resources and Operations management within the energy industry.
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The 3 C's to an Empowered Team

Posted by David Jones on May 2, 2018 2:56:14 PM

Last week, I heard a speaker talking about the importance of community. He used the phrase, “It takes a village”.   I’ve heard this phrase numerous times before, but haven’t really dwelled on its meaning.  Often, it does take a village to get things done.  As I thought about his comment, it’s not any different in the workplace because there it “takes a team”.  We have a great team at EnableComp and we understand the importance of teamwork. 

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Ecstatic Clients – How Do You Know?

Posted by David Jones on Mar 13, 2018 8:34:14 AM

As a consumer, when was the last time you were wowed by someone selling you a product or providing you a service? Having a hard time thinking of one?

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Core Value 1: Uncompromising Integrity

Posted by David Jones on Jan 26, 2018 7:00:00 AM

In 2011, the leadership team at EnableComp met to develop our first mission statement and core values.  We believed our mission (what we do) and core values (what we believe) were fundamental to creating the culture we desired and propelling the growth we required.

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Don't Worry, Be ThankFULL

Posted by David Jones on Nov 20, 2017 7:00:00 AM

As the Thanksgiving holiday rapidly approaches, it’s a time for us individually to reflect on our blessings and remember what we are thankful for.  Like you, I will take the time to do that in the coming days.  If individuals can be thankful, why can’t companies be thankful too? Here are four things EnableComp is grateful for this Thanksgiving.

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EnableComp LLC Announces Major Growth Investment by Primus Capital

Posted by David Jones on Aug 3, 2017 10:06:02 AM

FRANKLIN, TN –  EnableComp LLC announced today a major growth investment by Primus Capital (Primus), a private equity firm based in Cleveland and Atlanta. EnableComp, based in Franklin, TN, is a healthcare technology enabled services company that partners with healthcare providers to maximize reimbursement from workers’ compensation payers. The investment by Primus will accelerate EnableComp’s existing foothold as the nation’s leading provider of work comp reimbursement solutions and allow it to expand its portfolio of solutions and client reach.

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